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Whether with his band SISKA'S Element, with whom he successfully released an album - "Angels Cry" - in 2019, or with his gala and dance band "The ButtonBeFactory", which is on the road in various formations (from duo to 9-piece band) - Yannick interprets music with every fiber of his body. Yannick's musical work has developed far beyond drums - he plays in various formations with his percussion setup (Schlagwerk Percussion)



Projects and Band with Yannick Langer

Alternative Pop / Rock

Energetic, boundless and emotional - that's the music of SISKA'S Element, an alternative rock/pop duo from the south of Germany. On stage, SISKA'S , Element reaches out to their audience and knows how to stir things up with fiery lyrics, rousing riffs and beats which make you want to get up and danc...

Gala und Hochzeitsband

You will experience first-class live music with the five musicians, paired with professionalism & absolute joy in what they do. Everything is just right here. The joy of playing, lifeblood, and passion distinguish the band as well as reliability and spontaneity. Whether party or lounge - standard or...

Pop / Deutsch

Mit daZWISCHENmeer geben acht Musiker diesem Phänomen in Form eines hauptsächlich akustisch orientierten Pop-Projektes einen Namen. Dass die fünf Jungs und drei Mädels sich dafür aus den unterschiedlichsten Musikrichtungen auch zwischenmenschlich zusammengefunden haben, wird deutlich spür- und hörba...





"Music is food for your soul IF prepared with love!"


Angels Cry - The debut album of the pop/alternative duo is bursting with vitality. Energy is also what they needed to be able to transport those not always easy thoughts, directly into the hearts of the listeners. This vibrant album is full of interesting twists and deep lyrics. The 12 tracks were m...


Sometimes it happens in life that there is more between words, deeds and between sounds and last but not least between people than one first believed, thought or expected.



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Drums, Sticks and Instruments