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Today is the 5/8/20 - so I'll use it to post a Song (in 5/8) that reminds me deeply of a time where I felt like a young wizard coming the first time to Hogwarts. Not enough joining the house of Griffindor …;-). I started studying drums under the wings of @claus.hessler 🧙‍ these days.

I finally felt where I needed to be. Most of all, it was the time where I started the life I am living today. The time I connected to my loving wife ❤ @langer_franziska - she is guiding our ship with me through stormy and shallow waters and for me she is just my true companion. Supporting me in every form I never could have imagined. Also, she is my brightest light even in dark times of life. With her warm and bright way being my strong backbone! ❤

I'm so grateful to give and join my passion for and with those who love and live music. Music is capable of connecting our souls with our deepest emotions. So hopefully we can share this love to make that world a better place #wereinthistogether. Be #grateful for what you've got. Never give up and #believe in the good in everyone! ❤

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