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Energetic, boundless and emotional - that's the music of SISKA'S Element, an alternative rock/pop duo from the south of Germany. On stage, SISKA'S , Element reaches out to their audience and knows how to stir things up with fiery lyrics, rousing riffs and beats which make you want to get up and dance. Together with Michael Ende on bass and Chris Evans on the guitar, SISKA'S Element creates the sort of energy live which captivates everyone.

“I wanna be a knight who stands for nothing but love. But can all this be in a world that’s still dark?” (from: True Lovin’)

The mastermind behind the band is Franziska Langer – stage name SISKA – and it is her vision of “audible energy” which dominates the band's music. .” I wanted to create music which sounded as though Tori Amos were the lead singer of Muse”. The ambivalence of hard bass riffs, crystal clear vocals and floating synths in combination with a varied rhythm section create the typical SISKA'S Element sound!

“You know, money and power could really help the world, but only if you fit it right.” (from: Stay On Your Way)

SISKA deliberately composes and sings in English because she wants to reach as many people as possible. “For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to encourage people to believe in goodness and make them aware of the unjust distribution of power. “ The band gets this message over in a gentle yet in-your-face kind of manner which subtly hits the nail on the head.

“You have to start on your own to be in love. Desire, to break the mould - You can change the world, it’s up to you.” (from: Stand Up)

SISKA'S Element embraces commitment and the duo is interested in deeds, not empty words. They organize charity concerts and fund-raising events in order to support charities such as “Zeichen gegen Mobbing Ev“(a German charity which campaigns against bullying)and “SOS Kinderdörfer“ (a German charity organization which provides facilities for needy children).

“Imagine there is a better world and you’re part of it” (aus: Pictures From Above)

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